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There we are

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8 December 2009

Yes... yes... there we go... one... two... three...

We're online ladies and gentlemen! is on the air - or in the web or whatever you'd like to call it. And this only a month and a half later than the newspaper predicted. But we all know about newspapers that they aren't shy to tell a lie or two, so who believed them in the first place?

But most important is that we're here, and we're not planning to leave any time soon. "Who are we?" I hear you ask. Well, we are the third and very much improved version of . What was wrong with the two old versions then? Like the question says: they were old. Outdated. Almost prehistoric in web design terms. Because this time we're using ... (drum roll) ... a Content Management System! I bet that disappoints you a lot, doesn't it? You probably expected something way more spectacular. But let me tell you this, among connaisseurs - or geeks if you will - CMS are pretty hot, even more, if you're not using CMS you shouldn't be allowed to have a website, and certainly not a blog.

Some of you must think that I'm kidding, that I didn't put the old website offline for more than three months, only to implement something of which they have never heard before. Therefore I'm glad to announce that there's more! Much more! Where the previous version of the website consisted of nicely arranged travel photos, you'll notice that there's also some written word on the new version.

Actually, you can divide the site in two main parts: photography and writing. In the photography you'll find back the travel photography section but also portraits, and hopefully much more categories in the near future. In the writing section, you'll find back the articles I've written and where they have been published. You're even invited to add a comment, how about that?

If even that's not enough, the final improvement is right before your nose. here! Here! HERE! Do you see it? Let me give you a little hint, it's a word of four letters, starting with a 'b' and ending with 'log'. Yep, you're correct, now there is a blog! What information will be shown on this blog? First of all, whenever new content is added to the site, there will also be referred to in the blog. But for the rest I don't really have a clue...
However, you can be sure that it'll be about one of the main subjects of the site - photography, writing, web design or travelling.
Well mostly it'll be about one of those subjects.
Or normally it'll be.
We'll see, look around, have fun, and drop me a line if you like something!

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