What is a 1000-1000 travel blog challenge? |

What is a 1000-1000 travel blog challenge?

24 December 2010

Every blogger around knows the feeling I’m about to describe. While you’re reading the new posts of your favourite bloggers, once in a while you think “why the hell didn’t I come up with this idea? I know all this, I could have provided this information. Why didn’t I think of it first?”
That’s the feeling I had this morning reading the announcement on Todd’s Wanderings that he had launched a new website called Travel Blog Challenge with the purpose of starting a community of travel bloggers helping each other out.

When you’re starting a blog it can be very hard work to build up a dedicated audience. You really need to gain fame within the travel community by writing a lot, commenting a lot on other blogs and trying to score some guest posts at the larger blogs. Hoping that you will write this one post that will start a comment discussing which will be Digged and Twittered eternally.
Being part of a travel blog community might get you one step ahead of the others, because bloggers also follow blogs. Networking, they call it.

What’s the challenge?
The main building brick - or actually the backbone - of this website is a challenge between travel bloggers. The 1000-1000 Blog Challenge.
The challenge is simple. Improve your blog until you reach a level of 1000 visitors a day, generating 1000$ a month.
How will I do this?
To be honest I don’t have a single clue, but I hope that it’ll become clear to me during the challenge by following the others and the forum.

What’s in it for me?
Nothing to begin with...
But if it works out I’ll have all time fame and a 1000$ a day.
Now you need to know that it’s not about the money, and that I’m not planning to cheat, be bribed or trick my audience into buying stuff they didn’t really want. Even though the money aspect is not meaningless, fame is more than enough for me.

So Santa, tonight is Christmas Eve and I haven’t asked for anything yet. Let’s agree that I won’t beg for that Maserati again if you’re on my side for this one.


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inka's picture

You certainly are a role model in modesty. I'm still laughing. Great stuff.

Nicolas's picture

Glad to make you laugh!

And I hope you will become one of my biggest and most loyal fans, won't you? ;-)

Todd's picture

Welcome to the Challenge Nicolas :) Very flattering of you to be so jealous of the idea ;) Funny, I`m asking Santa for the same things.

Nicolas's picture

Hi Todd,
Seriously, I find it a great initiative!Thanks for your support.

Lynda's picture

Best of luck Nic :-)

Nicolas's picture

Thanks a lot!

Lynda's picture

Hey Nicolas! Glad you're joining in - I posted about it the other day too and I'm giving it a shot... it's going to be a lot of hard work but it would be unreal to make it happen! Looking forward to reading your stories along the way :-)


Red Nomad OZ's picture

HHHMMMmmm... I'd be happy with 100 readers a day at this stage - but no harm in dreaming big, huh?!

Happy travels!!

HFLhfhfl's picture

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