An extra word about the photo galleries |

An extra word about the photo galleries

11 December 2009

While I was browsing through my own website - the narcissist in me actually likes to do that quite often, and it generates me page hits - I figured that maybe I should add a little word about the photo galleries, because I think they still look a bit empty and scruffy.

The thing is, I really wanted to put the website online, even though I didn't really have a lot of content yet. And therefore there are only three main categories of which two don't consist of more than ten photos. But it'll grow, you can be sure about that! For example, soon there will be an extra main category "animals" and maybe also a "landscapes".

The one category that has already quite some content, Travel photography, will also grow quite a lot within the following weeks. At the moment, only the catalogues of 2009 and one from 2008 are listed. I have added these first because these photos weren't on the old website. Now the plan is to revise the photos of the old website and add a couple/some/most of them to the new site. Eventually the old website will then be put offline.

And then there's the layout of the photo gallery that still needs some tuning. When I started creating the galleries, I was working with Gallery2, and I can tell you it was Awesome - yes with the big A. But when I migrated the gallery to my production web server at it seems that they type of gallery was not supported.
This event had put me to such a level of being pissed off that I just re-implemented the standard gallery and left things as they were.

But I'm still planning to implement a more professional gallery. Somehow. Someday.
If you have a good experience with a certain Drupal module for maintaining photo galleries, and you think it would like nice on this site too, feel free to drop me a line!

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