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14 December 2009

A couple of years ago I met Bryan in a hostel in Oaxaca, where we both ended up while travelling through Mexico. I have to admit that the first impression wasn't very overwhelming, I actually found the guy a bit strange. He was small and skinny and tattooed all over his body, he was always very energetic and whatever he told us, he said it like it was the most exciting thing on earth. After a couple of Mescal and Tequila filled nights of which I barely remember anything, I had to change my mind. I liked him.

At the time you could see that Bryan was really interested in photography as he had his equipment really always with him, I bet he slept next to it. You could also catch him exploring the area to have the most original view on his subject. Even though I wasn't really that much interested in photography by then, I found it quite fascinating to see him busy.
Later I learned that he had studied Arts and that he was forensic photographer for a living.

So here's the website: . I also advise you to take a look at the videos, especially "Light of Night: Police" is pretty amazing!

Bryan, if you read this, you owe me $50 for this advertisement!
Just kidding of course.

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