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Urban exploration (URBEX)

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18 December 2009

Some time ago I followed a class about the photography style Urban Exploration. Which is about taking pictures of abandoned places like old factories, hospitals, tunnels,...
It takes photography to a different level because it's much more than seeing something beautiful and pressing the button. Yes I know, photography in general is much more than just pressing buttons and photographers of nature and animals often have to wait for hours and hours in the cold before they get their shot, but still I find this different. Maybe because it's illegal. It's all about entering an abandoned place, climbing over fences and through windows, the fear of getting caught or hurting yourself.

To get you a bit in the mood, here's a video showing some awesome urbex footage:

Unfortunately I haven't had the chance myself to experience this but soon I will, I can promise you that.

If you also like to get started with this, I advise you to visit following websites. Next to general information about Urban Exploring they also have lists of sites and lots and lots of photos.

Urban Exploration Front
Forbidden Places
Lost Places
Abandoned Places
And personal favorite with an amazing series of Chernobyl: Reactor4

Are you an Urban Explorer or are you also interested in Urban Exploring, show me your pictures or drop me a line!

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