New image galleries: Mexico & Guatemala 2008 |

New image galleries: Mexico & Guatemala 2008

5 January 2010

As promised a couple of weeks ago, here are some new photo galleries - Hooray! - from my trips to Mexico and Guatemala.

Actually they aren't really new and you could already see them on the previous site but they're new in here, so shut it and watch them! They have been a bit revised though in Photoshop and Lightroom. I also need to mention that they have been taken with a compact camera - a cheap HP if I remember well - so they might be not that sharp and they aren't going to win any art prices but I hope you like them anyway.

Also, I've changed the settings of the image galleries, so that all thumbnails come on one page. Which means no more clicking "next" and "previous" buttons - Woohoo!
If you would experience long loading times or any kind of errors, please drop me a line and I'll switch back to the previous settings.

More to come!

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