Central America 2010: Image galleries |

Central America 2010: Image galleries

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18 October 2010

It’s been about three weeks since my latest adventure, which included parts of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua, so I figured that the time has come to publish parts of the only things I was able to bring home: pictures and memories.

Now there is good news and less good news.
The less good news is that the memories are still swirling around in my head, trying to bond into one or more human readable stories, so for those you will have to wait a little longer.

But the good news is that my pictures are all processed and published. You can find them by going to the Photography section of this website, moving on to the Travel section to eventually click the Central America 2010 gallery. Or you can just click THIS LINK.

Whichever you prefer.

And... there is even better news! Since I’ve gotten a bit into Photoshop, I’ve finally been able to process some images and even get a better result than the original photo.
Therefore I’d like to present to you the series Streets of a Banana Republic.


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