New image gallery: Lanzarote 2011 |

New image gallery: Lanzarote 2011

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24 January 2011


You've read it well.

Your eyes are not fooling you.

I have traveled one of Europe's roads least traveled... by independent travelers.


Lanzarote, an island of the Canaries, a Spanish archipelago near the west cost of Morocco, is quite well known for its all-in, all you can eat and drink package holidays. A high percent of the tourists have probably never seen the outside of their hotel or maybe for a five minute walk to the beach.


Elderly Europeans spend their winters in Lanzarote sountering from their appartment to the bar to the shopping street to the bar to the mall to the bar and back to their appartment.


But there had to be more, there had to be a whole island to explore.
So the need for exploration - and the lack of sunlight during the last three months - got us on our way.


And we enjoyed it.

And the island was great.

And here is the PICTURE GALLERY

Additionally, there have also been some new PORTRAITS added.

And additionally additionally there will also be an article about Lanzarote. But that one's not finished yet, so if you'd like to learn more keep an eye on these pages.

Comments are appreciated.


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