Story behind the Photo: Black flags in Havana |

Story behind the Photo: Black flags in Havana

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1 February 2011

We find ourselves on the Malecon, a little outside of the centre of Havana. The big building on the right of the photo is the building of the U.S. diplomatic mission.

For quite some time this place has been the centre of U.S. propaganda. Once in a while the Americans placed anti-Cuban billboards in front of the building, to which Fidel Castro replied with anti-American billboards.

Very mature!

This came to a climax when in 2006 the Americans placed an electronic billboard above the windows of their top floor, displaying slogans like:

"How sad that all the people who would know how to run this country are driving taxis or cutting hair."


"In a free country you don't need permission to leave the country. Is Cuba a free country?"

In reply to this billboard, Fidel Castro also placed billboards accusing George Bush of being a terrorist

But top of the bill were the 148 black flags with a white star that had been placed in front of the building, referring to the number of Cuban victims of the pig bay invasion of 1961.

One funny “coincidence”: The flags had the precise height so people on the streets could not see the electronic billboard anymore.

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