Story behind the Photo: El Salvadorian Iguanas |

Story behind the Photo: El Salvadorian Iguanas

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7 February 2011

One of the reasons why I like El Salvador so much is because of its lack of visitors. A lot of people still think that it’s a dangerous place where you will get mugged, shot and raped as soon as you set one foot outside of the airport.
Even in the backpacker community there are few willing to make a detour from the trail to visit this unknown country with its violent history.

Maybe it’s the rebel in me, or the adventurer, or the dumb ass as you wish, but I had set my mind on visiting El Salvador.
One of the places that was high on my list was national park El Impossible. My guidebook described the place as beautiful, very few visitors and difficult to reach. All three those points undoubtedly true.

It is not allowed to enter the park by yourself, only with a guide. This may seem like just another tourist trap, but since the guides were free. there was probably just someone who is concerned about your safety.
There are a couple of different routes that you can follow, we took one of medium length which passed by all panoramic view points and went all the way down to a river.

Now you must know that I like trees and plants, really a lot, but what I like more are animals. In other national parks which I had visited in Central America I had always been accompanied by rare species like huge spiders, colorful birds, monkeys, coatis and many many more. When I heard that we would be the only visitors of the park that day, my fantasy started to run wild.

After about an hour of walking we arrived at the first view point. The view over the valley was really astonishing, but I could not suppress a slight feeling of disappointment as we hadn’t seen any animals except for a couple of ants and some small butterflies. The moment I told Lindsay about this we turned around and in the corner of the platform where we were standing on, about a meter away from us were two colorful lizards doing something which I like to believe was a courtship dance. As we moved to get passed them, they ignored us completely. They were totally occupied by their ritual.

From then on things got better,  we saw large and colorful butterflies, huge spiders, a vulture, different ant tribes and a very aggressive white crab.

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