Story behind the Photo: Gullfoss |

Story behind the Photo: Gullfoss

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14 February 2011

Actually, I didn’t want to go to Iceland. The thought of cold makes me nervous and annoyed, like knowing you have a shitty day ahead of you. The reason why I went was because my girlfriend wanted to go Skiing, but the since thought of cold and sports makes me plain sick, I had to negotiate. We ended up with Iceland, because of the banking crisis the country was on the edge bankruptcy so if it wasn’t good, it would at least be cheap.
It wasn’t cheap at all.

My idea of cheap is more Central American style: fifteen cents for a coffee, fifty for a beer and less than a euro for cigarettes. The Icelandic idea of cheap is something like 25 euros for a bus ticket from the airport to the city center. One person, one way.

Since expensive cold is worse than just cold, I started to get annoyed. It was our first day. To cheer me up, we decided to do what the guidebook described as the “must certainly see” first, the golden triangle. These are three points of interest which form - if someone wanted to connect them - a triangle. It was a village, a waterfall and a geyser. I had seen villages and waterfalls before so I wanted to go to the geyser. Unfortunately the waterfall came first.

When we arrived at where the waterfall was supposed to be, all we saw was a bar and some parking space with no more than three other cars.
“I knew this was going to suck, look at that parking, nobody even takes the effort to come here. Probably we’ll have to pay a fortune for a ticket to look at a ten meters high waterfall”, I complained to Lindsay.
We took a path around the bar following the sound of a generator.
And there it appeared suddenly before or feet, the greatest natural wonder I had ever seen: Gullfoss!

It was certainly not a generator
It was desolate, beautiful and free.
It was amazing.

On that moment, I realised this was going to be one of my most remarkable journeys. Cold or not, Expensive or not.
And it was, it certainly was.

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