Excuses, apologies and photos |

Excuses, apologies and photos

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7 June 2011

Great weather is not always a good thing in every context, it appeared to me a couple of days ago. And boy, did we have a piece of great weather this spring.
Any of you living in some tropic paradise might wonder what else I’d expected but you must realise that living in Belgium most of the time means living in cloudy, rainy and windy weather.
But not this year, oh no.

To enjoy this to the most, I’ve been spending most of my time outdoors. Campin’, city trippin’, chillin’, relaxin’, (way too much) beer drinkin’ and certainly not... bloggin’

Some of you might remember that I’ve spent most of April in the Balkans. If this does not ring a bell, you can refresh your memory with this blog post.
In this same post, I’ve made some promises of coming back with great photos and great stories to share with you immediately.
But as the Danish say: “Eggs and promises are easily broken”.
Still, I can promise you … nah, I can assure you, it’s only the sharing part which is still a little behind. I did bring some great stuff.
So if any of you have been waiting sleepless nights for me to return, I’m sorry.

And then the good news.
The photo galleries of my Balkan trip are finally online. Divided under Belgrade, Kosovo and Albania.

For those of you who did not see the links, here you have them again:

Balkans 2011 : click here
-- Belgrade : click here
-- Kosovo : click here
-- Albania : click here

As always, I really appreciate your comments, thoughts and ideas, and from time to time even critiques.

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