Story behind the photo: Men at Work |

Story behind the photo: Men at Work

18 September 2011

It was somewhere near Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous crossing point between East- and West-Berlin during the Cold war, that I spotted this setting.
Even though the Berlin wall has been pulled down for over twenty years by now and the checkpoint is nothing more than another tick on the to do-list of every Berlin visitor, I found that this image resembles the general German post-war idea.

Things needed to be rebuilt.
Germans are not the kind of people who sit in a corner and whine about what happened. They get together, take their tools and get the job done. I am amazed how they can have so much trust in the future after having part in three major wars in less than a hundred years.

The second aspect why this photo - which, when you look at it, could have been taken everywhere - felt so right in Berlin, is because of the structure of the setting. Everything looks straight, neat and very well coordinated, very German stereotype.
Everything is were it’s supposed to be.
Things get done.
Quickly and organized.

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