New travel article: Impressions of Sarajevo |

New travel article: Impressions of Sarajevo

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27 August 2010

After Bucharest and Tirana, here's the third article in my "impressions" series: Impressions of Sarajevo

My own trilogy... Who'd guessed that? Probably my earnings will be a bit less than other trilogies like Millennium, Back to the Future or Austin Powers... Probably because my writing is not that superior but most likely because I give it all for free.

Will I stay with this trilogy? Certainly not! I'm planning to keep travelling the Balkans and to write down my impressions of their capital cities. Until I finished them all... or until I get bored and don't have anything decent to tell anymore.

I also wanted to tell you that your opinion counts, and that I like to receive feedback on my writings.
Do you visit this website daily to check if there are any new stories? Let me know! (and subscribe to my RSS)
Do you think that my trilogy is three stories too many? Let me know!
If you have any other comment, idea, hint, tip, trick or you just need a friendly ear to talk too... Let me know!

One last thing, from time to time I receive e-mails telling me that I'm wrong about this and wrong about that and so on. First of all, I like receiving these e-mails because they give me more insight in the cities I've visited. But please keep in mind that I only spend a couple of days in a city and that what I write down are my impressions. They are not facts, nor the holy truth, they are descriptions of how I experience things.

Have fun!
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