New travel article: Lanzarote for Independent Travelers |

New travel article: Lanzarote for Independent Travelers

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27 January 2011

In my last blog post I have already explained what triggered me to visit an island like Lanzarote, known for its all-inclusive package deal holidays.

If you don't want to click the link, I can summarize that there were 2 reasons. The first one was al little voice in my head that did not want to believe that there wouldn't be anything to do for an independent traveler on Lanzarote.

The second reason was also a - maybe a little louder - voice that told me to get the hell out of this freezing and rainy country and get a tan instead of a cold.

So there I went, and believe it or not, it turned out that Lanzarote has quite some things to offer to travelers who like to see more than the insides of their hotel.

So here is my guide: Lanzarote for Independent Travelers

The photo gallery can be found HERE.


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