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Holidays in Gran Canaria

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15 July 2012

This is a guest post by Joey Ferrer

The enchanting tropical island of Gran Canaria is located just off the coast Africa and is famous for its year round sunshine and beautiful beaches. While there are a wide range of different holiday options for Gran Canaria, all inclusive holiday deals are by far the best value for money. The great thing about booking this type of holiday is that holidaymakers will be able to spend more time having fun rather than worrying about arranging every little detail.

Most visitors to Gran Canaria head straight to one of the island’s beaches to soak up the sun. The best beaches tend to be located on the south-eastern side of Gran Canaria and include Perto Rico and Playa del Ingles. People who are looking for a little tranquility away from the crowds that descend on the most popular beaches usually pay a visit to Maspalomas, which features some 17 kilometres of sand dunes and coastline for visitors to enjoy.

Las Palmas is the main settlement on Gran Canaria and this vibrant city makes an excellent place to use as a base while on holiday. The city is home to the stunning sandy beaches of Playa de Las Alcaravaneras and Playa de Las Canteras as well as an excellent range of amenities such as shops, hotels and restaurants.

Many of the leading hotels and resorts in Gran Canaria offer all inclusive holiday deals. These establishments provide special packages that include meals, accommodation and transfers if necessary. The best deals tend to be snapped up quickly however, so it is best to check them out now and preferably months in advance before you visit.

Some hotels and resorts also offer guided tours of Gran Canaria, and taking one of these tours is a great way to see the area in comfort and style. Special sightseeing tours typically include trips to attractions such as the 500 year old La Luz Castle that can be found nestled in La Isleta bay, the Museo de La Ciencia y la Tecnologia, the Centro Atlântico de Arte Moderno and the Casa de Colón, which was the house that Christopher Columbus grew up in.

Visitors can also arrange trips to explore Gran Canaria’s traditional towns and villages. The charming village of Puerto de Mógan is the perfect place to visit in order to get a feel for local culture, while the area of Roque Nublo is particularly stunning. The main highlight here is Caldera Bandama, which is a 600 meter high crater. Nature lovers are sure to be impressed by 1,950 metre high peak of Pico de las Nieves, which means Snows Peak in the local dialect.

Gran Canaria is blessed with vibrant nightlife scene, and visitors will find plenty of opportunities to let their hair down. There are plenty of things to do in the San Bartolomé de Tirajana district, and the restaurants here are famous among both local people and visitors alike. Enjoying a drink or two at a beach bar while watching the sun set always proves popular, while the island features plenty of cool clubs to dance the night away in.


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