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BootsnAll Indie Travel Challenge 2012 - New Year's Resolutions

9 January 2012

About a year ago, I’ve entered with my blog in the 1000-1000 Travel Blog Challenge. The purpose of that contest was to improve SEO, advertising, page ranking and other very nerdy stuff, in order to end up with a blog that has a 1000 visitors a day, generating an income of a 1000 dollars a month.
I failed terribly.

The exercises had very little to do with creating good content, I am sure that the techniques really work if you stick enough time in them, but they were so boring that I soon decided not to proceed.

What is a 1000-1000 travel blog challenge?

24 December 2010

Every blogger around knows the feeling I’m about to describe. While you’re reading the new posts of your favourite bloggers, once in a while you think “why the hell didn’t I come up with this idea? I know all this, I could have provided this information. Why didn’t I think of it first?”
That’s the feeling I had this morning reading the announcement on Todd’s Wanderings that he had launched a new website called Travel Blog Challenge with the purpose of starting a community of travel bloggers helping each other out.

The first bug

9 December 2009

This is something every web developer expects, we know it's coming sooner or later and we're always disappointed when it's actually there. The first bug. The feeling of failure overwhelms you, your child is not perfect. "But who is?" You ask yourself, and after a couple of minutes you're already working on a solution, because that's what we do: We create solutions.

My first bug was, I admit, a newbie one. It was browser incompatibility. Everybody knows that before you put a website online you have to test the compatibility of at least a couple of browsers, and that's what I did. I tested with Firefox 3, Internet Explorer 8, Chrome 3 and Safari 4 and I figured that this would cover most of the used browsers.

There we are

8 December 2009

Yes... yes... there we go... one... two... three...

We're online ladies and gentlemen! is on the air - or in the web or whatever you'd like to call it. And this only a month and a half later than the newspaper predicted. But we all know about newspapers that they aren't shy to tell a lie or two, so who believed them in the first place?