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Bloggers: an overview

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23 November 2010

Photo by ChrisL_AK

Photo by ChrisL_AKBeing a blogger myself, I scan the web from time to time to find out what the others are doing, and it occurred to me that bloggers can be divided into three main categories: The hippies, the dreamers and the business men. Let me explain that a little further.

The hippies

These are the bloggers who write for fun, because they either like writing or they think they have things to say that the world should know. You can recognize their blogs by the lack of advertisement and the inconsistency of their blog posts. They will write a post when they feel like it or when they have an idea to share, they don’t spend time to think about what to write next.

The dreamers
The dreamers still write for fun, but in the meanwhile they try to earn a buck or two. These bloggers will write about their interests and things they know a lot of, but in the back of their head they follow a couple of simple rules to build an

audience. Where the hippies couldn’t care less about visitor numbers and page views, dreamers will use techniques like Google Keywords to fill their titles with terms that are often searched for, they are familiar with the advantages of social media, guest posting and lots of other kinds of modern advertisement.
dreamers use schedules and patterns, a Google search on the words Photo Friday result in 971 million hits, need I say more?
The old school dreamers tried to turn your hobby into a job, dreamers in the age of blogging try to earn money with blogging about their hobby.

The businessmen

In our third category are the ones who got an eye for trends and try to jump on the boat somewhere in the beginning. They search for what’s hot on the Internet and start a blog about it. They don’t care if the topic is interesting or not because they know they’ll need little more than a year before they can sell their blog for lots or money.
Blogs of businessmen can easily be recognized because they write about stuff that sells. They write about sex, they write about money, they write about happiness. Things that people lack or have serious doubts or insecurities about and for which we all are willing to pay to get answers.

Often questions are raised about the businessmen.
Is it fair what they do?
Shouldn’t they write about things that do interest them and of which they have a decent background?
Should they leave their niche for bloggers with a genuine interest?

To me, and probably also to a lot of others, the hippies are the preferred category, but everybody understands that there’s nothing wrong with putting your ideas into money if they are valuable enough so someone would pay for it.
From the businessmen is often thought that they provide incorrect information just because their only incentive is to make as much money as possible. But that’s not correct. It’s not because you’re not interested in something that the information you give about that subject is wrong. It is much more possible that these people put a lot of time in research before they create a blog post.
Think about examples in industry, did you think that the CEO of a cement company loves cement? Does the head of the supermarket love selling groceries to people?
I can tell you, I work at a company that makes foam. Nobody over here has a passion for foam. But that doesn’t matter because their interest is money based.
If only companies would exist where the workers are passionate about the stuff they make, we would have to lack a lot. Similarly, if only people with a certain passion created blogs, a lot of information would not be available.

Where do you categorize yourself and did you ever switch between categories?


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