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You can learn a lot about a person by knowing what he or she reads.
If this has never been said before, I now pronounce this quote patented. Feel free to use it with a mention of my name.

Seriously, I think that what someone reads really tells you a lot about that person.
Here is an overview of the blogs I follow on a regular basis.


Men with Pens: One of the authorities in the blogging world. These men provide world class information about blogging. From the very basics until the super advanced techniques.

ProBlogger: Another authority in the blogging world, but more focussed on business aspects like marketing, design and branding.

Travel Blog Challenge: The challenge is simple; try to make 1000$ and gain 1000 visitors a month with your blog. Todd Wassel created a very popular forum for beginning travel bloggers. The information around here is pure gold.


Corbett Barr: The personal blog of a succesfull entrepreneur providing an interesting philosophy about starting online businesses.

Experiments in Passive Income: Passive income is a hot term these days, but how much of the theory can actually be accomplished? This woman started from scratch and blogs about her successes and failures on the road to a passive income.

Reading for Your Success: Scott is a big fan of Tim Ferriss and Warren Buffett. Need I say more? He blogs about being succesful, in business and in life.

The Blog of Tim Ferriss: The man himself. One of the pioneers in the passive income world and writer of the bestselling books "The 4-Hour Workweek" and "The 4-Hour Body".

The Life Design Project: Rob is an inovator, that's the least I can say. His blog describes the process of creating a passive income following the strategies of The 4-Hour Workweek.

Think Traffic: Corbett Barr started this project to create a new niche within the niche in which he was already an authority (online entrepreneurship). The main question is "How can I get more and persistant traffic to my website?" The answers range from SEO to social media and cover everything in between.

Thrilling Heroics:His name: Cody McKibben, his mission: to live and work in a non-conformist way. His blog teaches you how to become a digital nomad, just like him.

Life Design

Disrupting the Rabblement: I saw this blog for the first time when Niall was doing a "Random Acts of Courage" series, where Niall gave himself ten challenges that make him go out of his comfort zone (like convincing a stranger to go on the photo with you). I've been a fan ever since.

Zen Habits: Not much information needed, I guess. This website teaches you how to organize your life to create a healthy body and state of mind.


501 Places: Andy is a freelance writer who likes to travel the world and to tell us all about this. He has the same favourite destinations as me.

A Dangerous Business: Amanda is a twenty-something with a degree in journalism and a passion for traveling. She gives you tips from all over the world.

Adventurous Kate: Imagine one day you quit your job, buy a one-way ticket to South-East Asia and try to get an online business off the ground. This needs a lot of guts and it's exactly what Kate did. And she writes the most juicy stories about it.

BackpackingMatt: Matt is an American travel blogger who's not affraid to tackle controversial issues now and then.

Bacon is Magic: This is the blog of a master in branding. Even if you're now to the travel blogging world, you've probably seen Ayngelina's face pop up between the comments of you favorite blogs. She left Toronto for an adventure in Latin America, which is still on-going.

C'est Christine: A Californian girl fallen in love with the joie de vivre of France. For the latest updates about traveling in France (and the rest of the world), here's where you need to be.

Chicky Bus:Life is like a chicken bus, you never know where you're going to end up. Chicken buses represent a philosophy of independent traveling, Lisa will try to spread this philosophy.

Destination World: Magda is addicted, to traveling that is, and she invites you to see the world through her eyes.

Fevered Mutterings: Mike likes to tell stories, and he's good at it too. Take a step into Mike's world and enjoy.

Girl, Unstoppable: Ekua is a great writer with a unique view of the world. She always finds a unique angle to get the best out of a story.

GloboTreks Travels: Next to personal stories and travel logs, GloboTreks provides very valuable information for about every aspect of traveling.

Go, See, Write: This blog is written by an attorney who got awfully bitten by the travel bug, and never recovered. I mostly enjoy the sarcastic remarks from the writer.

Grumpy Traveller: I may have mentioned the terms "unique content" and "sarcastic remarks" in previous descriptions, but this guy is the king of sarcasm. His posts are all time classics.

Legal Nomads: Another ex-lawyer and currently full time RTW traveler. Being on the road for a couple of years really paid off in great stories and interesting know-how.

Todd's Wanderings: This is the personal blog of Todd, the founder of Travel Blog Challenge. Because of his job as conflict resolution expert he knows quite a bit about faraway corners of the world, and he's happy to share his knowledge with us.

No Place To Be: Kirsty and Poi prove that conquering the world can also be done as a couple and their stories prove that they're having a hell of a time on the road.

Nomadic Matt: If you're a bit familiar with the travel blog business, the name Matt Kepnes should certainly ring a bell. He's one of the most established travel bloggers, being on the road for more than 4 years. If you need information about a certain place there's a big chance that Matt has been there.

One Giant Step: A couple on an RTW, they tought me how to use Twitter (well)

Travel Bug Juice: Twenty-something and addicted. Normally this would sound like the beginning of a horror story, but not for Kelly, she enjoys her travel addiction to the fullest. Have a look at her Bug Bytes series (starring also myself)

TravMonkey: "How to travel the world" would be a good slogan for this blog. It's about how to survive on the road and make the best of it.

Vagabond Guide: Adam sold most of his stuff in order to clear his head, get rid of debt and get ready to gain knowledge. He says he will travel until he finds a place that's good enough for him to stay. The question is: Will he ever?

Wandering Earl: I've always liked the name Earl, so to grab my attention that's already a good start. If you appear to be one of those guys who can tell a great story at any time of the day, you end up on top of my "read first"-list.

Where is Jenny: Jenny is a great skateboarding-motocrossing-all-time-adventurous girl, determined to become a traveling minimalist. Her blog is one of the most promising ones I know.

(Travel) Photography

Ken Kaminesky Travel Photography: One of the best HDR artists I know, with an amazing insight of available light. His photos are better than your imagination and his blog should be sompulsory subject for every photography student.

Kirsten Alana: She's an all-round media specialist, currently focussing on travel photography and being good at it.

Momentary Awe: A great landscape photographer. Catalin has provided me inspiration for more than a couple of shots.

Brendan's Adventures: With his pictures, Brendan really shows the essence of a place. And he's quite good in writing about it too.

ZooAdventurer: Conrad has a great photography style and he always thinks outside of the box. He doesn't mind composition rules and that's what makes his images unique. Conrad isn't much of a talker, but that's not really necessary as his photos can easily tell their own stories.