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My name is Nicolas and I would like to welcome you in my place on the world wide web.

The purpose of this "Start here" page is to give you a tour of this website, explaining what you will find and what you can expect in the future.
So let's not dawdle, buckle up and there we go.

Let me introduce myself a little more. I live in Belgium, a small country more or less in the centre of Europe, I studied ICT and I'm passionate about traveling and photography. Those will also be the major topics of my site.
If you like to learn a bit more about me, you can find my full bio HERE
Some specific facts about me can be found HERE
And an overview of my plans for this life is shown HERE
I hope you take the time to get to know me, and also tell me something about you.

If you've arrived here through my frontpage, you may have noticed that my blog is an important part of this site. You can expect at least one post a week and often two posts.
These posts are divided into four main categories:

Travel: Everything about traveling. This may vary from personal stories like "Destination: Better Weather" to article introductions like "New travel article: Impressions of Sarajevo" to tips and tricks like "Should you become a solo traveler?".

Photography: These posts handle about photography in general or travel photography in particular. Here you will find links to photo galleries, for example "Central America 2010: Image galleries", but also a lot of tips like "How to Take Photos in Bad Weather Conditions" and not to forget the posts where I tell you how I got to a certain photo. These posts always start with "Story behind the photo..." like "Story behind the photo: Sleeping seals"

Writing: Here comes everything I want to tell you about writing or blogging. These posts can be something technical like "9 Weekly Travel writing tips", but also "Bloggers: an overview" which is a more philosophical view on the bloggers community.

General: And then there is a category for everything which I could not place into one of the previous categories. It contains my very first blog post called "There we are" and also the post "What is a 1000-1000 travel blog challenge?" which entered this blog into the Travel Blog Challenge.

So far for the blog section, let's move on to another major part of this website, the Photo Gallery, for your and my convenience also divided into different segments:

Travel: The largest and most important gallery, containing photos of all my travels.
Some examples: Iceland 2009, Albania 2010, Central America 2010, Lanzarote 2011 and many more.

Portraits: I like people, especially faces and that's exactly what you will find here.

Animals: Next to people I also have a weakness for animals, the result can be found in this gallery

Streets of a Banana Republic: This is my first photo report, there might be more of these coming up.

Other: There are a couple of other subjects that I like to photograph, architecture for example, these can be found in this gallery.

And to finish this tour I will take you to the smallest but yet quite important part of this website, the Articles. From time to time I write something for an online magazine or another blog. This is what is stored here.
Some of my favourite articles:
Iceland for beginners
Impressions of Sarajevo
Bienvenidos a Nicaragua
Lanzarote for Independent Travelers

This will be the end of this tour ladies and gentlemen, you are free to have another look around and to come back whenever you like.
If you like to know when anything new appears here, subscribing to my RSS is the best solution
If you have a remark, a question or an idea or you like to become my new best friend, different ways to contact me can be found on the CONTACT FORM.

Don't forget to take some candy on your way out or to leave a donation or subscribe to my RSS.